Open-Air Delights: Outdoor Catering with Shaam-E-Awadh

At Shaam-e-Awadh, we're really proud to bring our delicious food experience outdoors. We'reexperts at turning any open space into a fantastic place to enjoy amazing food. Imagine being outside, surrounded by tasty smells, and feeling the cool breeze while you eat. That's what our outdoor catering is all about. We work really hard to make your events super special and unforgettable. We pay close attention to making sure the flavours and the outdoor setting work together perfectly and give you a Nawaabi feel.


Taste the Outdoors in Style

Open-Air Dining Fun

Picture this: you enjoying our yummy food with the sky as your roof. Our outdoor catering is all about the beauty of nature mixing with the tasty goodness of Nawaabi cuisine. From garden parties to rooftop weddings, Shaam-e-Awadh makes your open-air events a flavorful experience.

Perfect Places for Perfect Moments

Find Your Ideal Spot

Shaam-e-Awadh proudly caters to a variety of venues, including the iconic Carlton Hotel, the deluxe Moti Mahal Lawn, the prestigious Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, the historic Safed Baradari, and the enchanting Balrampur Garden. No need to worry about the expenses/cost of these beautiful locations, we got you covered after our first chat and we’ll plan everything according to your budget. Each place adds its magic to our delicious dishes. Whether it's the elegance of the Carlton Hotel, the luxurious feel of Moti Mahal Lawn, the grandeur of Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, the historical charm of Safed Baradari, or the lush beauty of Balrampur Garden, we ensure that every event becomes a cherished memory.

Catering to Everyone’s Tastes

From Government Departments to Corporate Houses

Shaam-e-Awadh takes pride in catering to the diverse demands of our clients. From Government Departments seeking a touch of tradition to corporate houses aiming for a modern twist, we create menus and experiences that align with your vision. Our outdoor catering service is not just about serving food; it's about creating an atmosphere that blends with the essence of your event.

Top-Notch Service Anywhere

Smooth and Awesome Events

At Shaam-e-Awadh, our commitment to excellence travels with us, even outdoors. When you choose our outdoor catering, you're not just getting great food; you're getting the same top-notch service and friendliness that defines us indoors. From the first consultation to the final bite, we make sure a personalized touch that adds an extra layer of magic to your outdoor event So, sit back, relax, and let us weave the threads of excellence into the fabric of your special day.

Ready for Your Outdoor Feast?

Let's Plan Your Open-Air Party

If you dream of an outdoor event that exceeds your expectations, Shaam-e-Awadh is your best budget catering provider. Get in touch, choose your venue, and let us transform your open-air gathering into an enjoyable feast. Because at Shaam-e-Awadh, every outdoor event is a celebration of flavours, nature, and moments you'll remember.